Foundation of the Vapelife Company

Everything begins with the desire of the founder of Vapelife to improve the health of his family. He saw when he was a child, how his grandparents and his parents suffered the harmful consequences of the smoking addiction.
A long time after, being a teenager, the misfortune knocked on the door. The addiction to smoke snatches the sweet presence of his grandmother. This changed his life completely, so begins the idea of trying to save the lives of their loved ones at any cost.
Years later he founded this great company, which focuses on more people leaving the smoking addiction using the vaporizers and liquids of their company; which has as vision to be the largest Vape chain in Central and South America offering the best products in the market. Beyond money and commerce, the idea that initially was in his mind has not been lost, on the contrary, every second of life that he can give to his customers in every puff of his Vapos, is what motivates him and his team work forward.


Offer a wide range of excellent vaping products, as an alternative for those who left or are quitting smoking addiction and wish to improve their health as well as their quality of life through this incomparable and pleasing experience.


To be the leading company in Central and South America in Vaping products; improving health and quality of life of people, through a unique experience and total satisfaction.

Company’s values


We are loyal to the company, seeking its development and permanence over time.


We comply with what was promised by offering the best products and services at a fair and reasonable price.


We listen, understand and value the other, seeking harmony in interpersonal, work and commercial relationships.


We think and act according to personal and work objectives.


Important value in the success of our interpersonal, labor and commercial relationships.


We perform all our functions / tasks with transparency and rectitude.


We act with seriousness, consequently with our duties and rights according to the role that we perform, in accordance with our commitment to the company.


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